3 Steps to find and land your dream job.

Finding work that matters deeply to you is a key element to having a life you love. The average American spends around 90,000 hours at work in their life time. Wait, WHAT!?!? That means that we spend 3,750 days or 10 years of our life at our job. I want to share with you 3 steps to finding and landing your dream job.

Step 1: Uncover

To uncover what work you were created to do, first you have to understand how God uniquely wired your and what sets your heart on fire. I believe that work you love is at the intersection of your Spiritual Gifts, Natural Talents & Greatest Passions. After you understand how you are wired, you need to find out what sets your heart on fire and how it is being utilized in the work place. The way you do this is by answering three questions:

  1. Who do I want to help?
  2. What problem of theirs do I want to solve?
  3. Who, if anyone, is solving this problem for these people?

*ATTENTION* You need to be hyper focused and extremely detailed with your answers to these questions. I have attached a link to my FREE pdf worksheets to help you mind map this out.

Step 2: Understand

Once you uncover who you are and who you want to serve, the next step is to understand how this is being utilized in the market place or how you can introduce it into the market place. I will use a traditional high school teaching position as an example. So you have used the worksheets above and uncovered that you are made to be a high school biology teacher. Next you need to understand what it takes to get there and create a timeline to follow. Here are some questions that you need to answer:

  1. Does it require schooling?
  2. If yes: what type of schooling?
  3. How much does the schooling cost?
  4. How will I pay for the schooling?
  5. How long is the degree/program?
  6. Can I go full-time or do I need to go part-time?

After answering these questions you will be able to create a budget and timeline to the work you love. Fear might start to creep in at this point but it’s important to remember that you were created to do this. When you gather the facts and create a plan, your fear will begin to shrink. Write out a detailed step by step plan on how you are going to get qualified.

Step 3: Undergo

You have now uncovered your dream job and gotten qualified. Now it is time for the rubber to meet the road. It’s time to work the relationship tree. You have heard the saying “It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know.” Your relationships are the most important part of the process of getting hired. You need to find someone who works where you want to work or knows someone who does. After you identify this person by reaching out to those you know, you need them to put in a good word for you to the hiring manager.

Next is creating the dreaded resume. If you already have one made, throw it in the trash. You need to create a resume that WORKS! How you do this is by making it short and sweet because the average hiring manager looks at a resume between 6 & 60 seconds so you need a one page resume, without a cover page, that leads with who you know. I can’t stress this enough, you should never apply for a job where you don’t have a connection. Here are the three topics you need on your resume:

  1. Who you know.
  2. Relative Work History.
  3. Why you are the person for the job.

After you create your new resume and your connection in the company has hand delivered it to the hiring manager with a personal recommendation. You are going to get the interview and now it’s your time to shine. In the interview you need to be dressed for success. You need to shower, shave and dress for the occasion. You want to hit all of the sensory organs to fully impress and set yourself up for your best chance for success. You need to appeal to the eyes by dressing nice and cleaning up. You need to smell like success, wearing a light amount of cologne/perfume but be cautious because you don’t want it to be over powering. You need to appeal to the ears by doing your research on the company and having a list of questions for them when they ask. When they ask, and they will, if you have any questions NEVER say no. Always have 2-3 questions for them. *The interview is not a place to ask about pay, unless they bring it up.* Finally, you need to appeal to the touch with a firm handshake and strong eye contact.

So, you had an great interview and now you wait…WRONG. You need to send a simple thank you email to the person(s) who interviewed you when you get home from the interview. Three days after the interview, if you have not heard back, send a hand written card thanking them for taking the time out of their day to interview you and that you are eager to hear back from them. If you still haven’t heard anything back and it has been 10 days, it’s time for the last shot phone call. Give them a call and check on the status of your application. If you do not hear back or the position has been filled and you were not chosen for the job, repeat the process starting with your relationships until you have landed your dream job and created a life you love.

If you found these steps to be helpful please like and share with your friends.

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